What is Between Lives Regression?

What is BLR?

Between lives regression, a.k.a BLR, is a form of hypnosis that quite literally takes you out of this world. It takes you out of the experience of just the body and physical human form into your true form, your soul form, and your energetic form so that you can reconnect to your spirit helpers(guides), soul group, and Soul Council.

In re-emerging into the non-physical world, the world of energy, you are able to reconnect to your deep, inner wisdom. Wisdom that you can tune into at any time, but may at times feel confusing because of all the energy held within our physical form. In entering the between lives realm you enter into a space where you become a beacon for source energy and a clear channel to remember the wisdom contained within your highest potential. Similar to QHHT or even the Akashic Records, the between lives realm allows you to access immense wisdom so that you may finally gain a sense of clarity around why you chose this body and this life.

Your answers will come in a variety of ways for whatever more resonates with you, but they will come up to remind you of your true origins, your truth, and your mission. BLR is a reminder so that you no longer feel deterred from fear, doubt, or whatever other limitations/blocks are presented in your human life times.

The Between Lives Regression Process

During a BLR session you will first be led back in time to current life memories, then you will be regressed further back into a past life that revolves around a current issue and insight that you are needing. Once you’ve gone briefly into a past life you will be led into the death scene(where there is a sense of detachment) of that past life which will allow you access to the higher realms. Once in the higher realms you will come to understand the lessons you needed and wanted to learn from that life through speaking with your spirit guides.

As we progress through the session you will be reunited with your soul group and loved ones that have passed. If you aren’t familiar with what the soul group is, it is similar to what having family feels like here on earth. In other words, your soul group is a group of souls that resonates with your soul where you may be learning similar lessons or assisting each other through life and death.

After you’ve met, spoke with, and asked any questions that may come up to your soul group we move on to your Soul Council. Your soul council holds a high level of wisdom and insights that can answer many of the questions you have about life itself. Here you can ask anything you feel guided to gain clarity on in your life. You can experience your Soul Council in a variety of forms. For some, it is more energetic with a greater sense of feelings, sensations, and light forms/beings. For others, the Soul Council may be experienced as galactic or almost alien/E.T. like. Just know that however your experience your Soul Council is unique to you and in reconnecting to your council you reconnect to your highest levels of wisdom.

Some of what you can come away with by experiencing BLR is that you can gain new perspectives and understandings on any issues within your life. Issues that may have spanned many life times. Issues that you can now release the residual energy from and end the karmic cycles so that you can choose from a more aligned perspective and way of being. BLR shifts you into choosing from a higher potential while allowing yourself to release the fears, doubts, or other limiting beliefs/blocks that may be holding you back because you remember what you are here for, that you are a co-creator, and that this is but one life. One life where you can choose to live your best life, a life full of understanding, love, and compassion.

A BLR Session Allows you to:

  • access hidden wisdom in reference to your life’s current circumstances,
    *provide insightful guidance for tangible results in your current life,
  • experience yourself as your true form, an immortal soul, visiting the spirit world,
  • allows you to learn & understand your current life’s plan on Earth,
  • and allows you to meet your spirit helpers/guides & teachers, soul group & loved ones, & your unique Soul Council. 


Other things you may experience in completing a BLR session include:
*ability to review a your soul’s library of past lives to understand your soul’s incarnations & what has been learned,
*you may have a glimpse into a future life,
*you can be given assistance to form a closer connection with your higher self,
*both physical and emotional healing that can include elimination of the fear of death, new perspective on life’s challenges, new insights into current relationships, changed view of reality, transformation in your beliefs and values, and healing of interpersonal wounds. 

From all of this comes, quite literally, life changing results.
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