Starseed Revelation Group Program

A Starseed Revelation: Reconnect to Your Starseed Mission & Purpose


*releasing any conditioning that feels as though it may be holding you back or keeping you stuck in the slave mentality of this Earthly realm

*releasing fear of the unknown, of failure, of doubt so that you can enact your Starseed purpose & mission

*feeling clarity around your purpose & mission here on this Earthly plane

*feeling as though you finally belong because you are living out your purpose

*reconnecting to the truth of who you are

*reconnecting to your Intuitive knowings for a greater ability in knowing what path is the right path for you(your purpose & mission path)

*reconnecting to your Starseed Soul Council & Spirit Guides so that you can have access to a greater guidance

*having clarity on your Starseed origins

*having clarity on the action steps you need to take in order to live out your purpose & mission

*having overall greater clarity in making life choices & decisions 

*having clarity as to why you incarnated into the Earthly realm

*having a clear understanding on where to start when it comes to determining your purpose & mission here in the Earthly realm(a few of the action steps you can take to enact this mission)

*having a renewed connection to this Earthly realm providing a new sense of thrival over survival

*feeling greater balance, joy, & contentment in your life

starseed revelation
starseed revelation
starseed revelation
starseed revelation

Do you want to:

*awaken to the truth of who you are

*step into your Starseed mission & purpose

*reconnect to your Starseed roots, Starseed Soul Council, & Spirit Guides for greater ease in access to answering difficult life questions

*live out the mission & purpose you can to enact in this world as this very time

*live life outside of the realm of fear & doubt to have full trust in yourself & your abilities

*create a New Earth where we all live in a more balanced society

What's Included in Starseed Revelation?

This is a 4 month GROUP program where we work with your past, present, & future self in which you will  receive:
-3 Age Regression sessions to understand current life events that may be creating blocks & leaving you stuck from moving forward with your life purpose & mission
-2 Past Life Regression sessions where we can explore karmic lessons & residual energies that may be impacting your current life circumstances
-1 Between Lives Regression session where we will reconnect to your Spirit Guides & Starseed Soul Council to have a clear understanding as to your purpose & mission here on the Earthly plane & who your Starseed origins reside with
-2 1:1 sessions with a focus on creating a personalized action plan for enacting your Starseed/Soul purpose & mission 
-1 monthly group call where we will have set topics to review & discuss, as well as, take time to connect & share

Early Bird Receives:
-2 Pre-recorded Starseed hypno’s to reconnect to your Starseed roots
-1 Starseed Activation kit that includes specific crystals, anointments, and other special tools

Early bird ends 12/2/21: **use code EarlyStarseed with checkout**

Early bird pricing is only 4 payments of $515(sent to you monthly).

After early bird pricing ends(12/2/21) cost is 4 monthly payments of $555

Enrollment Closes 12/6/21

We begin: 12/7/21

Who Am I and How Can I Assist with Guiding You?

I am Amanda, a Healer & holistically Certified Past Life and Between Lives Hypnotist.

Beyond this title, what brought me into serving others(like you) is my own journey of awakening and stepping into my Starseed purpose and mission which started a little over 9 years ago now. It all began shortly after I became pregnant with my daughter. Through trial and error & journeying into the spiritual realms I’ve been able to remember who I am, what I resonate with most, and the life I’m ready to bring together for not just myself, but the whole collective. It may have taken a decent amount of time to bring everything together, but in the process I learned how to release fear, programming, and conditioning that I otherwise may not have realized were keeping me stuck in an old paradigm that was serving none, but the darkness that wants to enslave us all. It is through my own personal experiences of learning to navigate by myself & with the guidance of others that I have come through the other side, into my own Starseed mission & purpose.


I am here to help you & guide you into remembering the truth of who you are beyond societal conditioning so that you can remember why your soul choose to incarnate at this time. In doing so you will find yourself able to release old patterns so that you can shift into the reality you desire and reconnect to your mission and purpose here on Earth.

You were brought here for a reason. Let’s bring you back to that reason together <3.

You can further connect with me via social media @hypnoticaquarianstarseed on Instagram or Ananda Healing Hypnosis on Facebook. 

You can also contact me via email at

Past Life Regressionist


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