Spirit Messages through Angel Numbers

angel numbers

What messages are your spirit guides trying to give you?

11:11, 12:12, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, and 6:66 are all common number sequences representing synchronicities. Synchronicities begin to occur when you open yourself up to the universe. If you are consistently seeing these numbers they may be a sign from your spirit guides.

Why would our spirit guides need to communicate this way? Since our guides have much higher vibrations than our earthly bodies it is harder for them to communicate directly. Using synchronicities with number sequences is a common form for them to use. In this way they are able to communicate in a more direct manner that allows us to know if our decisions in life match our true path.

Our spirit guides are with us from the time we are born. Many people live their lives barely noticing the signs our guides show us. When we start to pay attention to the signs a whole new world of opportunities opens up. You may begin to find answers to questions you have been seeking much quicker than before. You will start to feel more in tune with your senses and intuition. The path you were meant to take will show itself much quicker when you chose to pay attention.

Our guides chose to show us these signs until we take notice. So now that you are awake, take notice and follow your path!

Ask questions that you have been seeking answers to. The answer may not appear right away, but it will appear at the right time. Trust your intuition in letting you know that it is an answer to your question. Your spirit guides know how you interpret the number sequence provided so rest assured that the answer is always correct.

Of course, number sequences are just one form of how spirit guides chose to communicate. There are many other methods, as well, but we will just stick with numbers for now.

Seeing 1’s
Often when people begin to see reoccurring numbers 11:11 is very common. 11:11 can represent a new beginning. You may start to see this number when you are thinking of making a change. 1:11 or 11:11 will indicate that your thoughts are concurrent with your true path.

Seeing 2’s
Multiple 2’s represent that you are following the right path. 2’s represent building the new. Continue to focus on what you want.

Seeing 3’s
Seeing 3’s represents two different things. Seeing 3’s after asking a question is viewed as a cosmic “Yes!”. 3’s can also indicate that your spirit guides have been summoned to help you on your path to make your dreams happen.

Seeing 4’s
Multiple 4’s also have two different meanings. Seeing 4’s after asking a question is viewed as a cosmic “No!”. It can also be an indicator that your guides are with you and helping you gather resources to overcome a hard time in your life.

Seeing 5’s
The number 5 represents change. Changes are coming your way and now is the time to act on it. Flow with whatever changes may comes as your guides will help you along the way.

Seeing 6’s
6’s indicate that things are out of balance. It could just be a passing thought or the way you are living. If you are seeing a 6’s often it is time to make a change either in what you are thinking about or the way you chose to live. Don’t ignore this!

Seeing 7’s
Lucky number 7! Many people regard this as their number and it’s easy to see why. Seeing 7’s represents good energies. 7’s also indicate that you have been making the right changes by following your guides advice. You have learned a lesson bringing you on the right path.

Seeing 8’s
The number eight is a sign of abundance. This can refer to monetary wealth, but abundance comes in many forms so it could be for more than just money.

Seeing 9’s
Seeing 9’s often means that an end is coming. One door is closing to allow a new one to open. Your manifestation are coming to fruition. If you see this number it is time to rejoice as a new beginning is starting for you.

Seeing 0’s
Zeros are a representation of new beginnings. If you are seeing a lot of zeros a new beginning of some sort is just around the corner.

While there are many number variations this is a summary to provide some additional insight for you. Whenever you question the meaning of what you are seeing please refer to this guide. Your guides are trying to connect with you.

If you do not feel some of these meanings resonate go based on what you feel it means. The numbers can have any meaning that you give them.