Session Requirements

Before session REquirements for a virtual session

Here’s a check list of some key that will be helpful in preventing certain issues. We can definitely deal with some inevitable minor problems during a session, but we want to avoid major problems that may prevent us completing a session.

  1. Audio; It is preferred that you use a headset with an inbuilt microphone, although it’s not 100% necessary. In a hypnotic state people often sit back further from the microphone reducing speaking volume and can speak much quieter. Even if your audio is fine during the interview, it can become inaudible after the induction. Being close to the microphone makes a huge difference to sound quality. 
  2. Visual; It is preferred that you have a good working camera on a device of your choosing(phone, computer, etc), but it is not 100% necessary to have a visual. ***There may be instances where going without video is best (poor service, etc)***
  3.  Wifi; Make sure you are as close as you can be to your wifi. Wifi disperses rapidly. When using Zoom, bad wifi can mean the video gets a little wonky and interrupts our flow or the audio distorts and I might have to ask you to repeat what you said, which can cause you to come out of your state or you could drop out of the meeting completely, and have to open your eyes, and engage with your computer to rejoin the meeting.
    ***If Zoom does not seem like a viable option we will use Facebook messenger instead.
  4.  Over Heating; Zoom can cause your device to over heat, especially a laptop or computer. If you are in a hot climate this can take minutes, or it can take an hour or two. This can cause the device to shut down automatically to protect itself from melting. To lessen this risk; a) use air conditioning to keep your room temperature down. b) keep a fan on your devices to keep them cool. If this does happen, you or they may not be able to restart it for 10 minutes plus, so you will not be able to recover or return to that Zoom session.
  5.  Backup Alternative Contact: It can be useful to have your email up, and to have a messaging and video service like Facebook Messenger, so I can call you and continue in case of a Zoom or device breakdown. So you use a different app, device and a phone network to pick where we left off.
  6.  Miscellaneous Check: a) your devices are charged and won’t drain fast. b) Basics like bathroom breaks, and choosing places you won’t be disturbed. 

Please also consider the following before starting the session:

  • make sure the session will be uninterrupted for the entire session duration: ***try to have no interruptions from children or pets***
  • be on time & ready to go
  • be open to the experience with no set expectations