Intuition versus Fear


Is that Your Intuition or Fear Coming Through?

Intuition and fear, the two can be easily confused. What it comes down to is the simple fact that many of us have not learned how to properly tune into & understand when our intuition is at play and when fear is at play. This article will provide some differentiation between the two.

What is intuition anyway? Intuition is the immediate understanding of something with no conscious reasoning behind it, a.k.a, an instinctive feeling.

Intuition is quick, almost instantaneous. It’s easy to miss. You may have a quick feeling of unease or on the other spectrum, a feeling of peace.

Typically our intuition points us in a direction that creates a sense of peace in our minds even if it’s a bold move to make. That may be quitting your job, leaving that relationship, moving somewhere new, starting that business. I would go as far as to say that our intuition is our soul’s voice. It’s the whisper deep within you yearning to be heard, but when we ignore it for too long it gets quieter and quieter until we can’t really hear it anymore.

That is what the constant do, do, do and go, go, go of society brings us. It brings imbalance, confusion, and less growth.

Fear; an unpleasant emotion that often results in anxiety or overwhelming discomfort. All due to the fact that your mind sees something as dangerous and is likely to cause pain or be a threat.

While intuition is quick and fleeting, fear is unrelenting. It doesn’t give up. It is your ego and rationale which is why it will scream at you to stop even when you shouldn’t. You may know a situation is good for your growth as a soul and a human, but you get this pit of burning anxiety that doesn’t go away until you give up on the idea all together.

Then you feel a sense of relief. Relief is a sign of fear. Anxiety is a sign of fear. Comfort could almost be considered a sign of fear. When we choose comfort over change then we are choosing fear over growth. Don’t allow fear to hold you back. Fear is good at quieting your soul, making you wonder what your purpose is, and never really choosing to live.

So often we get the two confused, but there is such a big difference.

If you are going to bring balance back to your life start listening to your intuition. Choose to be brave and bold. It WILL serve you.


So how do you determine whether the “bad feeling” is inner wisdom or fear?

1.Inner wisdom often comes disguised as “common sense”, but in reality is extremely uncommon in usage. In other words it feels completely natural to move forward with your idea.

2.Inner wisdom is quiet, yet clear. Trust it and have faith in the outcome for the most life changing, soul shifting results.

3.Inner wisdom feels right and provides a sense of comfort even though it may not feel good(if instincts try to take over it doesn’t feel good). You have less than 30 seconds to sense your intuition before logic and fear sets in.

4.Inner wisdom shows up when we are quiet: meditation, sleeping, driving, etc

5.Wisdom does not pass judgement. Fear judges, wisdom guides. Fear halts, wisdom creates movement.

Your wisdom will guide you when you allow it too. Have full trust & faith. The only thing you need to do is quiet the logical mind, just allow thoughts to flow without worry. Relaxing into your choices will allow the right choice to present itself which allows you to know just what to do.

Check on my YouTube video Intuition vs Fear: How to Tell the Difference for an updated overview on this article.