Tune into YOUR New Reality through Healing by Hypnosis

whether using PLR, Age-regression Hypnosis, or BLR to uncover your core wounds, you can experience true healing & finally release your struggles

Welcome starseeds, those awakening to your truth, those in need of healing due to disease, addiction, or a number of other struggles, and anyone else who felt called here. If you are here, you’ve come to the right place. This is a place of shifting, a place of renewal, and a place of deep exploration.

If you’re here you’ve probably noticed there seems to be a recurring pattern or belief in your life that you are ready to shift. This can be caused by a known or unknown event. You know it’s there, you may even know where it stems from, but it doesn’t seem to matter what you try through your conscious will and effort because things only change a little or for a little while and never seem to quite resolve themselves. You’re tired of feeling disempowered by closing yourself off to new opportunities from the fear that arises. Now that you’re here you’re finally ready to say,”I’m done with this BS! Let’s change this belief and habit so I can finally remember who I really am, empowered and free.”

Whether you are here to understand your life purpose, the meaning of life, what is holding you back, your fears, how to shift habits, or to understand anything else about yourself, the modality of hypnosis can guide you into returning to your empowered self. See, that’s the beauty of hypnosis. It works directly with your subconscious mind so there is no forcing, there is only alignment and new beliefs finally clicking into place. This is done all through your own magic, yet requires nothing special. It only requires that you are willing to give this a try so that you may uncover what has been blocking you all along. And once you understand what has been blocking you, you can finally return to your true self so that new habits and behaviors fall into place effortlessly creating the lifestyle you envision. 

What Types of hypnosis are offered?

  • Age Regression
    • helps with resolving current life issues by exploring current life memories that go into core events of the issue itself
  • Past Life Regression
    • is similar to age-regression hypnosis in the fact that it goes into explore a current life event, but instead of going to issues within just this life you go into the supraconscious mind, connect with the memories held deep within your soul, so that you can release the karmic burden of certain events that played out in a past life. For example, let’s say you are having relationship issues with your partner. Maybe they cheated on you and now you feel heartbroken. You know you should leave them, but there’s a part of you that doesn’t want to go. By going through past life regression not only will you understand why it’s hard for you to leave, but you will understand the karmic effect of why this event happened in this life. Perhaps you had cheated on them in a past life and now you get to experience the other side of the coin. In doing a past life regression you will break the bonds of time so the karmic debt can be erased as the lesson of this event will become clear providing a resolve of the issue. This is just one example of how PLR can be helpful for understanding current life issues that can lead to a resolve.
  • Between Lives Regression
    • The main purpose of experiencing a between lives session is to get a better understanding as to the purpose of life, the lessons held within life, and why you may have selected these experiences. It is an in depth way to connect to your spirit guide, soul group, and soul counsel. There’s a deep level of wisdom held here.


Now that you know what each form of hypnosis offers allow me to briefly introduce myself. 

My name is Amanda, I’m a Certified Past Life Regressionist and Shamanic Healer, insured through the IPHM

Through my own unique struggles I have come to healing and hypnosis which has allowed me to better understand my disease, my past addictions, and my life in itself. I can related with some of you, because I’ve been you, yet I’ve been able to overcome my struggles through having a spiritual awakening that lead me down the path of subconscious exploration through psychology, meditation, the laws of the universe, hypnosis, shamanism, and more.

Connecting to the realms beyond the physical has always deeply interested me. This is why I hold a bachelor degree in Psychology, became certified as a Past Life Regressionist, and went through a Shamanic Apprenticeship with a Andean Q’ero trained shaman.

It is my honor to serve and guide you along your journey into healing. 

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Here's a few things people have said after 1:1 hypnosis sessions with me

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testimonial paula

Sooo Tell me more...How Does Hypnosis Work?

To give you more context, let’s talk more about what hypnosis is and the experience of it.

Hypnosis, age-regression, past lives, and between lives regression, is an invaluable tool that dives deep into the subconscious mind. During the hypnotic process we are able to tune into the subconscious mind which is where the root of our core issue memories lie. You could also refer to the subconscious mind as the autonomic process where our patterns, beliefs, and behaviors stem from. If we had something we believed to be traumatic occur to us in the past(this life or another) we form a belief that begins to form a pattern followed by a behavior. When we get to the root memory, aka the root cause, we are able to rewrite the memory to be less traumatic, accept certain occurrences in our own terms, and even provide a level of forgiveness to what happened that can allow us to move on because we finally feel at peace with the event. 

Truth of the matter is, you don’t even have to get to the exact root memory as our neural wiring will connect to any similar event creating healing that spans across multiple memories. Due to the fact that we are working with the subconscious mind we are able to dive deep into all the aspects that you are not fully consciously aware of to come to a resolve of any presenting issues that are causing you to struggle with certain aspects of your life. 

Now, hypnosis is not a cure all, nor is it necessary to endlessly have hypnosis sessions. What we will do is go through any and all of the presenting issues that are coming up & decide on one to move forward with. You may even find that some of these issues tie together or even resolve after our sessions together for the main presenting issue.


What Results Can I Expect?

What you may expect can include:

*clarity & understanding
*feeling a renewed connection to your self-worth, self-confidence, & self-love
*a release of old cycles to instead create from new beliefs & behaviors that affect your habits & create your reality
*releasing fear of the unknown to step into the truth of who you are because you finally feel supported in doing so
*releasing doubts in your ability to create your true reality whether that’s having a successful business or traveling the world
*finding clarity on what you truly value so that you can access your version of abundance
*understanding around your life purpose
*a release of karmic residue that frees you from the bonds of time to finally be free of old cycles that no longer serve you
*and so much more

Results vary for everyone. It starts out as an internal shift and knowing that moves to an external shift in your reality.

Alright, I'm hooked! Tell me the deets!

First off, let me just say YESSS!!!

Now you get to decide which hypnosis modality do you feel most drawn to work with. Once you’ve decided click the corresponding link. The link will bring you to an intake form  and payment request which will need to be completed before you can schedule the session.

In receiving 1:1 guided hypnosis you will come away with a refreshed sense of being due to the healing effect of this modality. You will find that the issues you once struggled with are much easier to deal with. This in itself can open up new doors and opportunities in your life that you now feel capable of moving forward with, where-as before you may have felt stuck.

Those that have completed hypnosis sessions with me have notice results like: 

  • feeling capable of starting a dream business
  • leaving a toxic, unsupportive relationship
  • having a whole new understanding of relationships & why friends or family may have done this things they’ve done
  • seeing issues & struggles with a whole new perspective
  • understand how past events(in this life & past lives) created a residual effect & wound that when left unhealed created a ripple effect of struggles, struggles that have now dissipated immensely.

Now this isn’t to say that you will no longer have problems in life, but it is to say that you will come away with a new understanding and ability to deal with your issues & struggles in a whole new way.

In signing up for 1:1 hypnosis services you will get:

  • 2-3 sessions: of which at least 2 are required & do require separate payments
  • a zoom recording of the session

Not quite sure Yet? Let me address a few things for you.

Now you may be thinking, well I can just do a guided hypnosis session and receive similar results? This statement can be true, to a point. What you miss out in doing a pre-recorded hypnosis session is the depth of questions that really dig into the core of the issue. Most hypnosis sessions are surface level, because digging too deep can cause difficult reactions at times that your subconscious mind doesn’t want to deal with on its own. This can cause a guided hypnosis session to come across as mildly effective or not effective at all for some.

You may also notice you tend fade in and out of a guided hypnosis session more often because there isn’t someone there to help guide you to really connect with the answers you came for.

Something else that may come to mind with these sessions is the cost. What I invite you to do in case is ask yourself if your issue is worth struggling with for potentially the rest of your life. What if instead of struggling now you could create changes that allow you to walk through life with a whole new lens. You can now see opportunities that didn’t seem to be there before. Life feels easier, freer, and more fun all because you decided that it was time to finally address this issue once and for all.

Not only that, but if you decide to go into a past life and/or life between lives session you can really tune into the meaning of life itself, why you’ve experienced what you’ve experienced, what you’ve learned from this experience, and how you can move forward. We leave no stone unturned. The resolve truly comes as long as you are open to it(and if you are here, then you’re open to it!).

All of this happens by using your own inner wisdom through the guidance of myself and your spirit guides which is one of the things that makes the modality of hypnosis so amazing. It uses forces beyond our physical reality, yet tangible life altering results still occur. If that doesn’t give you chills and a deep curiosity for the mysteries of life, then maybe hypnosis isn’t your thing.

If you have any questions about hypnosis please visit the FAQ page here or email me at