Follow the White Rabbit to Your True Reality


How your subconscious mind creates your reality

Take a look around you at all that you have in your life right now. Now take a look at those you are drawn to. The way they live, the way they are, everything about them. What do you think got them to where they are now? Personality, looks, talent, ambition? All or none of those?

I’ll let you in on a little secret, it was the way they choose to view their reality. 

If you’ve ever heard of this reality referred to as ‘the matrix’ or that this reality is ‘just an illusion’, there’s good reason for why some choose to view their life in this way. It’s because we are the creators of our reality. We do have a free will and a choice even if it doesn’t feel like it. We just have to choose to take back our power and our freedom, free choice, and free will. 

That is the first step in creating your reality.

So now you’re probably wondering, “well, how does my subconscious mind have an effect on this.?” Let’s go back to how you choose to view your reality.

It literally comes down to your perception. Our perceptions in life and of life create the reality we see. 

Starting from the moment we are conceived we are already being subconsciously programmed by our external reality. It starts with our genetic structures(DNA & RNA coding), then the experiences we have in the womb through our mother’s own experiences, such as, her emotions and what she eats. Once we are born we then experience, in full spectrum, what the external world is all about and we begin to separate ourselves from source which takes months(and really years until we are teenagers). As we separate from the concept of ONE we go through our lives creating a separated experience to live as an individual. Each and every one of us is so different, yet very much the same. We could all be programmed the same way except for the fact of how each one of us has different life experiences. We go through different experiences which lead to different decisions which lead to different beliefs which creates different patterns and different behaviors. We become who we are because of these things. 

Think about when you were a child and how you were.

I’ll give you an example from my own life. I used to be an extremely shy child, although, somehow making friends was still relatively easy for me. I made friends without any effort, and while I loved to play with my friends, I also really enjoyed doing my own thing. One would say I was introverted which drew me into spending a lot of time in nature, reading adventure books, creating art, and endlessly daydreaming about life itself. As a teenager, though, I went from being shy to socially anxious so much to the point that I turned to alcohol and drugs as coping tools. It took me until pretty recently to really overcome this social anxiety even though I stopped using drugs many years ago. 

I had to do a lot of inner work, but the modalities and tools that helped me the most are those that dealt directly with the subconscious mind, because the subconscious mind is where our external reality is created from. Learning to slow down, meditating, showing my gratitude, connecting with Mother Earth, my spirit guides, and my inner self(my soul self & true self), showing myself what I’m capable of, knowing and believing in my life mission of helping others to heal, learning shamanic healing techniques that work with the subconscious mind and hypnosis(PLR, BLR, age regression) were all effective methods of internal healing that worked fro me. In doing these things I shifted my reality completely. I went from a reality of thinking people were always judging me to a reality where I can truly connect with others.  Now, I can tune into my next step in life with ease trusting that I know the way, my way, because I decided that society no longer gets to choose for me and my family no longer gets to choose for me. After cutting the energetic cords to the parts of myself that didn’t belong things started to fall away. Truthfully, some of them were hard to let go of, but when you do the inner work, when you work directly with your subconscious mind through a reprogramming process then you’re able to step away from the person you once were so you can become the person you envision yourself to be. When a limiting belief no longer serves you, it’s time to energetically and subconsciously remove it so that your external, physical reality can shift. 

You are not what society has programmed you to be. You are not what your lineage has programmed you to be. You are of them, but you are NOT them. You are here, with your own unique mission, your own unique lessons which you will only uncover when you are ready to let go of the things that are holding you back. Release the blocks and step into trust. Seriously, that is what it takes, a leap of faith. I’m not saying to cut off all the ties to your old self all at once. We aren’t trying to create overwhelm here. Life typically lasts many years so chances are you have plenty of time to shift in the way that you want to, but you need to start now even if it’s just one small step.

If you’re ready to start taking one small step read through and practice the reality shifting meditation below.

Reality Shifting Mediation

Let’s take a moment & decide on one limiting belief to overcome so that you can tune into your new reality.

As you take three deep breaths imagine or feel yourself curling up into a big, comfortable cocoon. A cocoon of healing, peaceful, calming energy. As you are engulfed within the cocoon you sense an awareness and easily tune into your mind and soul to ask yourself, what is one limiting belief that comes up often in regards to the reality I wish to live?

Now, focus on the emotions that come up in regards to your belief. Where do you feel these emotions in your body?

Now, ask yourself, what fears does this limiting belief represent and how do these fears make me feel? Anxious, stressed, tight?

Now that you understand what the belief represents, ask yourself, how has this limiting belief served me?

Once you’re clear on how it’s served you, ask yourself, how is it no longer serving me?

Now that you are aware of how this belief has served you and is no longer serving you, ask yourself, what fears can I let go of to step into my next level and show up as my true self to create the reality I envision? Bring some emotion into this moment and feel the sense of happiness that comes along with your shifted reality, then take a moment & decide who you are now. This is your new reality, the reality you’ve envisioned for yourself. 

Curiouser & curiouser

Now that you have an idea on what it feels like to work with your subconscious mind to shift your beliefs and ultimately your reality, ask yourself, how would it feel to continue this work? 

Tuning into the feelings of creating your desired reality felt good, right? And you’d love to ensure that you can make that vision your true reality.

This is where Entering Wonderland comes in.

This program was created to specifically work with your subconscious mind through the modalities of hypnosis and shamanic energy healing to create an internal shift that creates an external shift. In other words, you get to live the reality you envision by working on a deeper level to shift your subconscious limiting beliefs and blocks. Once those beliefs have been shifted and blocked been lifted a whole new way of perception is born.

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