Frequently asked questions for Hypnosis: Age Regression, PLR, & LBL

1) What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a focused, yet relaxed form of concentration that allows you to go beyond just the conscious mind. When experiencing hypnosis you are tuned into both the conscious mind and subconscious mind simultaneously. There is no unconsciousness or going under. It’s actually very similar to daydreaming. There is no losing control, you can communicate and stop whenever you want. The experience of hypnosis allows you to be fully aware and present as we go through the experiences of your past from this life, other lives, or even between lives. By tuning into your subconscious and supraconscious mind you are able to access memories from long ago with ease. 

2) What is the experience/process of hypnosis like?

Every person and every time can be a little different. Depending on the person, the body may feel heavy or light, it may feel as though you are sinking or floating, you may even feel tingling, warmth, or a sense of coolness. Your mind may feel calm and clear, focused, as though you are drifting, or even filled with peace and confidence. You may find words tend to drift off, but you still have a clear understanding of the overall words being communicated. Answers and responses come to you with ease.

Starting off, a relaxing hypnotic induction is used that allows you to go into a calm, peaceful state that is between waking and sleeping. It’s a very similar feeling to daydreaming. There is no trying during this process, because as you allow yourself to relax and trust fully into the moment the experience unfolds with ease.

You can remain in hypnosis whether your eyes are open or closed, whether you are speaking or silent, whether you are still or moving. You can experience any range of emotions and still remain in hypnosis. Going deeply into any emotion is a hypnotic experience. 

3) Why do hypnosis?

Hypnosis in a healing context is about working through our condition that has been programmed into our subconscious mind from birth, and even our supraconscious mind from past lives that lead to karmic debt. Oftentimes we try to override our programming through motivation and will power which can prove ineffective, because we need to rewrite our existing programming first. We need to get to the core of the issue to be able to create the new behaviors that create new habits which lead to your ultimate success. 

Now this doesn’t mean we have to get to the very first core causative event as when we access one main causative event we are able to rewire all the neural networks related to that specific issue which goes back to the first core issue. We also will not get stuck in a loop of endless healing because we are only getting to the root of the core issues in your life that are causing an inability to move forward. 


4) Will Hypnosis Work For Me? 

  • “I don’t have a good memory”: Getting into a hypnotic state allows you to have better access to memories in you past. You don’t even have to try just allow what comes up to unfold trusting that you are regressing to the time needed to be able to create the desired healing effect.
  • ”I have a hard time relaxing”: What I’m understanding with this is that you are giving yourself the suggestion that relaxing around others is hard. Instead of suggesting that relaxation is hard let’s try to provide another suggestion, something like,”I am open to relaxing through the use of hypnosis.” Also, if you ever feel like you need a few extra minutes to relax before we get started you are more than welcome to say so.
  • ”Will I lose control while under hypnosis?”: Through the entirety of the hypnotic process you are in full control. While in a hypnosis state you are simply in an altered state of consciousness that allows you to have complete free will and ability to stop at any time during the session or not move forward with certain aspects of the session. You get to decide what information you are comfortable with sharing and how you wish to move forward. The hypnotic process simply allows you to regain control of your behaviors and habits so you are able to create shifts in your life with greater ease. Hypnosis isn’t about giving up control, it’s about gaining control over your deeply embedded subconsciously programmed habits.
  • ”Will hypnosis work for me?”: The process of hypnosis can work for everyone, it just depends on if you are open to the experience or not. You are the one who ultimately decides is hypnosis will or will not work for you.

5) How Will I Experience Hypnosis?

Each person, and each time, can be different. The body can feel heavy or light, sinking or floating, tingling or warm. The mind could feel calm and clear, concentrated and focused, daydreamy and drifty, peaceful or confident. You may drift away from the words, but drift into the spirit of the communication. You can remain in hypnosis whether your eyes are open or closed, whether you are speaking or silent, whether you are still or moving. The emotions can cover the full range and still remain in hypnosis. Going deeply into any emotion is a hypnotic experience. 

6) What is Age-regression Hypnosis?

Age-regression hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that uses psychological techniques that allow us to get to the core of an issue(s). It allows our past memories to become enhanced so we are able to regress back to various times with ease. This way we are able to regress into your past to a core/presenting issue, understand the cause of it, allow the higher self to teach about specific moments, and come to a healing effect. 

7) Why Do Between Lives Regression? 

BLR sessions can address any range of therapeutic issues, they don’t have to be specifically ‘spiritual’ issues. Our problems and experiences around our relationships, health, professional, and personal issues all have the ability to teach us spiritual lessons which is what BLR connects you to during the BLR process.

8) Why Does PLR Work? 

PLR works for a variety of reasons, some of which include: 

  1. being open to the experience which allows inner wisdom & insights to come through
  2. coming to a resolution of the causative events by moving through the experience of the story to understand the cause of the issue and how this issue is no longer relevant
  3. through the assistance of spirit guides and higher self we can allow ourselves to release the karmic debts by breaking the bonds of time actions with our core issue. This allows us to accept our life circumstances and create balance with new actions.

Ex. We may discover past vows or intentions that made sense then but don’t apply now and still affect us. Those that starve in a past life vow to never be hungry again, and carry a physical ‘protective layer’. So PLR doesn’t just look at the action, but also at the intentions, and the impacts on emotional, mental and karmic imprints taken into the present life. We can work with those old vows and make new vows that are appropriate for present life realities, and resolve the imprints and residues.

9) What is it like to experience a past life?

Experiencing a past life is different for everyone. Many come into the experience thinking it will be mostly visual, but that is not always the case. For some, the experience may start off as more of a knowing as to what is happening or certain auditory or sensory experiences are more readily available. Eventually a visual can be presented, but it’s not important or necessary for the overall experience of going into a past life. It’s mainly about how you emotionally connect to the experience and the information being presented to process.

10) Do I need to believe in Past Lives or Between Lives for either to work for me?

Most people who come for PLR or LBL do have a belief in past lives and a spiritual realm that holds information about our life between lives. Belief in either is NOT required. You can view the information being presented as a symbolic symbol for information that needs to be presented from your subconscious mind. What matters the most is that a healing effect occurs. As long as you are open to the experience that is all that matters.

11) What if I recall traumatic events? 

Often the significant causative memories are not traumatic at all, it can be surprising how such a small thing had such a big long-lasting affect. Often the events might have seemed traumatic then, but knowing what we know, they don’t seem traumatic now. If it still feels traumatic now, then it’s really important that you deal with it. Similar to having a painful sliver, it’s far better to deal with the traumatic issue now so you can heal and feel better moving forward. You can also rest assured in knowing that you are being guided with an experienced hypnotic guide. You can recall all experiences with a sense of detachment and peace. You will remain safe and secure. If something comes up, communicate it to me and I will guide you through it. We can watch it from a distance, yet stay with it enough to work through it and resolve it.

12) What If I Recall Death Or Pain? 

You can recall all experiences with a sense of detachment and peace knowing you will remain safe and secure. If something comes up, communicate it to me and I will guide you through it. We can watch it from a distance, yet stay with it enough to work through it and resolve it. We want significant things to come up so we can trace the issues to their root cause and get results. Something else to consider is that, recalling a past life death can show you the transitory nature of suffering and the relief of being out of a body. This can allow you to be free from the fear of death itself which you can carry forward into this life with a sense of calm and peace. 

13) I Am Afraid Of What I Might Find

Your subconscious has a natural protection mechanism so it won’t give you any experience you can’t handle. So if you are experiencing it, you can handle it. We will not push your subconscious to do anything it does not want to. We will ask permission along the way. You retain a conscious awareness of what is going on, and you retain control, so you can stop it if you want to. You can speak to me at any time during the regression and let me know if there’s something you do or don’t want to do. I have complete confidence in you and the techniques we are using. We CAN do this!

14) Will I Recall Animal lifetimes? 

It’s possible, but not necessarily likely unless it is important to resolving your core issue. If the experience is meant to come up, it will. 

15) I Have Enough Problems With This Life, Without Adding Past Lives

Your current problems can very well stem from past lives. This means they also hold the solutions. By going into a past life you will reduce your problems instead of increase them.

Additional notes:

  • Session expectation: Simply put, come with no expectations. Just be open to the experience.
  • During the session: Share all information that comes up without judgement. You may be questioning the experience some, but trust in knowing that this is exactly the information that is coming up and out to be shared. There’s no need to edit or analyze, just give an unedited, unanalyzed stream of consciousness of what you are experiencing. There are no silly, wrong, impossible or contradictory experiences. Just report things as they come to you, and we will accept them and explore them to see where they guide us.