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Hello lovely souls!

I’d like to use this space as a place to share about my journey and how I arrived here.

My name is Amanda Lynn, I am a Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Regressionist and Shamanic Healer, insured by the IPHM.

This life has been quite the journey so far. It feels as though I have lived many lives in this one lifetime thus far.  The stories I have lived through include: being the child of divorced parents, struggling with feelings of sadness & depression throughout childhood, suffering from extreme social anxiety all the way up until my mid 20’s, dealing with drug addiction and alcohol from my teens until around 21 as a coping mechanism for my social anxiety, suffering from a rare disease called MCD that inhibits what I’m capable of eating to feeling drawn to learning about the nature of human psychology, uncovering the true meaning of my life (and of life itself) through self discovery, rediscovering my calling in life and path to help and guide others, to creating my own businesses that started with web design the life coaching and now Past Life and Shamanic Healing. The ultimate beauty of all of these experiences is how they brought me to the path of spirituality & guiding others into their own healing journey. 

What brought me to the path of learning Past life Regression is when I came across the book ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Brian Weiss. I found the stories and the healing that came with these stories incredible. I knew from the moment I started reading that book that I didn’t just want to experience PLR, I also wanted to learn this modality so I could provide others with this amazing form of healing. Because I was already in the process of learning shamanic healing techniques, becoming certified as a Hypnotist and Past Life Regressionist felt like a very natural and complimentary modality to provide along side. Although my main service is to provide Past Life Regression sessions, I also work with Age-regression hypnosis, Life Between Lives, and shamanic healing for a more intuitive based healing approach to current life issues.

I’ve received my training through a 4 year college where I obtained my bachelor in psychology from APUS, a 3 month certification program through the Past Life Awakening Institute, and 12 months of a one-on-one Andean Q’ero apprenticeship with a shamanic healer name Angela Wheat.

Now, it is my honor to serve and guide you along your journey.

You are certainly welcome to access any of the free resources I have on this site, such as the FAQ section, Articles, or the PLR freebie located in the top bar of the website.

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If you are interested in PLR, Age-regression hypnosis, or BLR please review my services page and/or contact me at healingbyhypnosis333@aol.com 

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