3 Myths About Hypnosis

3 myths about hypnosis

1.You Will Lose Control During a Hypnotic State: 

We can thank stage hypnotism for some of this misconception, because often what is portrayed on stage looks like a complete loss of control. Because, let’s be honest, who would really want to do some of the things that happen on stage? BUTTT, during hypnosis you actually do have full control at all times. You are still consciously aware of everything that is happening while simultaneously tuning into your subconscious awareness. You get to decide what information you are comfortable with sharing and how you wish to move forward. The hypnotic process simply allows you to regain control of your behaviors and habits so you are able to create shifts in your life with greater ease. Hypnosis isn’t about giving up control, it’s about gaining control over your deeply embedded subconsciously programmed habits.

2. Hypnotism doesn’t work for everybody.
Actually, hypnotism really does work for everyone, but each person responds differently. Some people experience deeper forms of hypnosis where their body is simply more relaxed. Perhaps they need to be in a more relaxed state to be able to tune into certain information. A select few can remain in a very light state of hypnosis that still allows them to access the information they seek. It doesn’t matter the depth of your hypnosis, it matters that you are open to change and accessing whatever information comes up. For some people, they tend to question the information that arises. So again, it’s not that the person isn’t in a state of hypnosis it’s that they don’t fully believe the information coming to be presented. By going into a hypnotic experience trusting your practitioner, being open to the experience, and sharing the information that arises allows for a full hypnotic experience that will not disappoint.

3. Healing through Hypnosis is a never ending process.

Simply put, it really depends on your practitioner, but hypnosis shouldn’t be used as a tool to go through your stories and history for years. That’s what regular talk therapy would be for. One core issue can be worked through in approximately 2-5 sessions, depending on what comes up. Tuning into your subconscious mind is a far quicker process to work through because it goes straight to the root(s) of the problem so that you can move quickly and easily through the process. Essentially, we just regress to a few moments that have symbolic value where we’ll pause and go through it in depth. We are much more interested in the process that created a cause so that you can receive a healing effect in a quick and easy way. There is no need to continue the process for years on end.


There are many misconceptions that come up around hypnosis as it’s still a somewhat mysterious modality. As long as you believe and trust in the process of hypnosis, that is all that is needed for a healing effect to occur. If you find you have a few questions about hypnosis, feel free to visit the FAQ section